Trust Administration / Litigation

Setting up a trust is a proactive approach to avoid probate and minimize estate taxes, control the distribution of your property, and protect your legacy. Since there are various types of trusts, all with their own advantages and drawbacks, it imperative to work with a certified estate planning, trust administration and trust litigation attorney.

The team at James Bart Leonardi, LLC can help with all of your trust administration and litigation needs. We’re also able to represent trustees and beneficiaries when trust disputes occur.

Trust creation and administration

When you’re creating an estate plan, your attorney may recommend you set up a trust. Whether you want to protect your real estate assets, leave funds to charitable organizations, business succession, or simply allocate funds for disability, illness, and other major expenses, a trust is often an appropriate choice.

When you create a trust, you’ll also need to appoint a trustee. Our firm can advise the trustee and oversee the administration of your trust. This will help to ensure all administrative duties are properly handled, including:

  • Paying bills associated with the trust(s)
  • Filing and paying any taxes associated with the trust
  • Distribution of assets according to the terms of the trust
  • Discretionary asset distribution, when applicable

We’ll show you exactly how your estate plan can take advantage of the benefits trusts provide.

Trust litigation

Occasionally, issues between trustees and beneficiaries arise. We have extensive experience in litigating trust disputes, including:

  • Failure of trustees to distribute assets in a timely manner
  • Failure to provide accounting or trust activity reports
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Mismanagement of trust funds
  • Theft of assets or self-dealing by a trustee
  • Trust validity disputes
  • Problems between beneficiaries and successor trustees

If you find yourself in the midst of a trust dispute, you can count on us to provide guidance and zealous representation, no matter what the issue.

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