Ohio Probate Law: Assistance from an Experienced Cleveland Probate Attorney

Probating an estate is stressful and often confusing. The Ohio probate court and probate laws are sometimes difficult to maneuver for those who have never had to encounter them. Cleveland probate attorney Bart Leonardi will work to lessen the stress of the probate process and working through the decisions and legal issues that accompany a death.

Our Ohio probate law firm can help you during your time of need with knowledgeable, compassionate guidance. We strive to create a trusting, lasting relationship with our clients so that they know we are there for them not only in the difficult moments after the loss of a loved one, but that we are also available to work with them later, if any issues arise.

If you have been designated an executor of a will or an administrator or trustee of a trust, or if your loved one died without a will, we are available to assist you. We will help you avoid common mistakes made during this trying time. We understand that this is a difficult and unfortunate situation and we treat our clients with the consideration they deserve.

A Probate Attorney Can Help

There are occasional disputes as to the validity of a will. If a will is contested during the probate of the estate, it is important to have an attorney representing you with probate litigation experience. Cleveland probate attorney Bart Leonardi advocates zealously on behalf of his clients. He works to ensure that his client's interests are diligently represented.

When executors or administrators are named who live out of state, we are readily available to probate estates in both Ohio and Kentucky. With legal experience in both states, our firm is qualified to aid you during this stressful time. Families deserve the peace of mind we offer, and we are proud to offer a compassionate service in their time of need.

Probate law is dense and difficult to work through. By having a probate attorney in your corner, you can rest easier in knowing that court and tax deadlines will be met. Contact us so that we can help you through this demanding process.

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