Fiduciary Issues

Acting as, or appointing a fiduciary is a serious responsibility. If you’re having problems with someone managing your inheritance or financial affairs, you need good legal representation.

James Bart Leonardi, LLC is dedicated to ensuring that your estate plan, inheritance, trust or power of attorney is carried out exactly as you intended. No matter the size of your estate, you deserve to know that your wishes are respected. We’re also committed to ensuring beneficiaries and heirs enjoy the assets left to them.

When you have issues with a fiduciary, look no further than our firm, James Bart Leonardi, LLC

What is a fiduciary?

In estate planning, trustees, executors and legal powers of attorney are all designated fiduciaries. The job of a fiduciary is a legal obligation to manage all finances and assets, according to the terms of the will, trust or power of attorney.

In short, they are required to act in the best interests of the heirs, trustees or person who gave them power of attorney. Stealing, mismanagement and other failure to comply-with fiduciary duties is a very serious matter.

What is a breach of fiduciary duty?

Challenges with fiduciaries can arise when they neglect their duties, whether intentionally or not. This could be as egregious as gifting themselves funds or assets from a trust, or simply failing to file the appropriate paperwork in a timely manner.

Whether the issues arise from malicious intent or simple negligence, your heirs deserve to recoup these assets.

Have you noticed?

  • The trustee or estate executor has failed to file taxes on time?
  • The trustee or executor fails to provide information about how an estate or trust is managed?
  • The trustee or executor used funds to pay their own debts, before distributing to beneficiaries?
  • A power of attorney gifted funds to themselves, or otherwise mismanaged financial affairs?

These are just some of the signs a fiduciary may be breaching their fiduciary duty. Your lawyer will be able to tell you whether you may have an actionable case, and suggest the best way to proceed.

Let us help resolve your fiduciary issues

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