Cleveland Ohio Estate Planning Attorney: The Best Estate Plans Include More than Just Wills and Trusts

At James Bart Leonardi, LLC, we understand the importance of a customized estate plan. Everyone's circumstances are different. As an estate planning attorney, Bart Leonardi believes in building an honest relationship with his clients. Bart works closely with clients to determine the best approach to estate planning for their particular needs.

Some people may think a last will and testament is the only thing they need when they pass away. However, a will is just one piece of an overall estate plan. An estate plan helps you to fulfill your life objectives, such as retirement or travel. With a estate plan you can identify college funding needs, as well as the needs of surviving family members. Estate planning will also provide directives for the disposition of your assets.

Certain individuals, including business owners and professionals, may also have asset protection and estate tax concerns that can be addressed in a well-crafted estate plan. A comprehensive plan can include wills and trusts in order to best satisfy your financial goals.

With his years of experience in analyzing securities and gaining an understanding of the financial market, estate planning attorney, Bart Leonardi, can aid you and your financial advisors in setting up your estate plan to reduce your and your heirs' tax liabilities, court costs and attorney fees.

Many people are uncomfortable deciding how assets and property should be divided. It is very important to remember that if you don't make these decisions, the Ohio probate courts will make them for you. Bart Leonardi is a compassionate and caring estate planning attorney who works with his clients to create estate plans that take into account specific concerns and circumstances.

In addition to preparing your will and possible trusts, Bart Leonardi can assess your financial position so that together you can create a path to achieve your goals. As your circumstances change, Mr. Leonardi will certainly revise and update your plan where necessary.

Mr. Leonardi is skilled in determining the optimal asset protection strategies and other estate planning vehicles to best serve your needs. If you have questions about estate planning, contact our firm to schedule a consultation.

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