Why Choose Us

Legal Experience

Bart Leonardi is 1 of only 33 Certified Specialists in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law in Northeast Ohio. He began his legal career as a trust attorney. In that capacity, he advised a major southern regional bank on trust and estate matters. This included matters ranging from individual trust agreements to corporate retirement plans and other ERISA benefits. With this impressive background in legal financial matters, Bart can work with you using the same insight that made him so valuable to the companies he worked with. In addition, Bart utilizes his experience as a litigator to advocate diligently on behalf of his clients.


Bart understands the significance of establishing trust between himself and his clients. Many people have lost the trust of attorneys because the attorney failed to listen to their concerns or failed to respond to questions. He will listen to you and ask what your goals, questions and concerns are and your phone calls will be returned. He is compassionate and caring when planning for your financial future or working through probate issues after the death of a loved one.

Real World Experience

Financial matters should be viewed from every angle in order to obtain the best result. Bart ran his own insurance practice, so he understands the importance of business and financial planning for the future. His years as a securities analyst enables him to review your financial position with a critical eye that can pick up nuances other estate planning attorneys may miss.

Establishing a Relationship

Planning for your financial future is of paramount importance, particularly during unsettled economic conditions. As times change and your life circumstances change, you will need someone on your side to help you get a big picture of your current situation and work toward the goals you have set.


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