Leave Your Legacy

A great way to leave a legacy is to provide for a charity during your lifetime and/or after you pass away. There are many options available to accomplish this. Providing for a charity upon death can be as simple as designating the organization as a b… Read More
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Fulfilling Your Aging Parents' Financial Requests

CLEVELAND ESTATE PLANNING ATTORNEY If your parents make a simple, one-time request, you should not run into too much trouble when you go to fulfill it. If your parents’ financial requests are numerous, or will be numerous, however, constantly actin… Read More
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Cleveland Estate Planning - What Are Legacy Gifts?

OHIO ESTATE PLANNING INFORMATION As you contemplate your estate plan, you may wonder whether there is a way to invest in the future or to help others live the kind of life you enjoyed. In estate planning, we call these types of devises legacy gifts.… Read More
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Planning Large Gifts for Your Children and/or Grandchildren

OHIO ESTATE PLANNING INFORMATION Why Do You Want to Make a Large Gift to Your Children? The first step in planning to make a large gift for your children is to consider your motivations for doing so. Are you trying to minimize your exposure to taxes,… Read More
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Chronic Illness - What About Your Property?

CLEVELAND ESTATE PLANNING LAWYER According to the Center for Disease Control, over one-third of all Americans suffer from chronic illness. If you or someone you love is one of these Americans, you should know that chronic illness can impact an indivi… Read More
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What It Means When Your Child Becomes Your Power of Attorney

CLEVELAND ESTATE PLANNING INFORMATION WHAT IS A POWER OF ATTORNEY? A power of attorney is an authorization to act on your behalf or represent your interests. There are different types of powers of attorney. Typically, a power of attorney is granted t… Read More
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How to Prepare to Serve as an Executor of a Will in Ohio

CLEVELAND LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT ATTORNEY 1. Locate and Review the Will. As executor, you should know where the testator’s will is located. (The testator is the person who executes a will.) Preferably, you should also know what the will says, so y… Read More
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Be Prepared Medically as You Mature

CLEVELAND ESTATE PLANNING INFORMATION THE LIVING WILL A living will speaks for you when you are unable to speak for yourself. In Ohio, living wills activate when your attending physician and another physician determine that you suffering from a termi… Read More
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Changing Roles: When Should the Parent Hand Financial Responsibility to a Son or Daughter?

CLEVELAND ESTATE PLANNING LAWYER As your parent ages, it can be a good idea for you to take over your parent’s finances, but when is the right time to do so? If you approach your parent too soon, you risk insulting them, and if you wait too long, y… Read More
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Charitable Lead Trusts & Bargain Sales

CLEVELAND ESTATE PLANNING ATTORNEY During this economic decline, charitable lead trusts have become almost fashionable. Last year, the New York Times ran a story detailing the estate plans of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, praising her use of the charit… Read More
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